Privacy Policy (ENGLISH VERSION)

Controller pursuant to GDPR:
The person responsible for data processing for this website is: Michael Staudinger, Kienebrinkstr. 34, 49525 Lengerich, Germany. For contact details, please see legal notice (“Impressum”).

Use of the website:
I do not collect any personal data whilst you are browsing this site, and I am unable to establish the identity of any user. However, automated data collection and storage is carried out by the provider (please see “Cookie Policy”). Google Analytics is also used; for any further details, please see there.

Collection of contact details and other personal data:
Given its intended target group (food industry and related sectors), my services are exclusively aimed at corporate clients (i.e. industrial and commercial clients), and not at private consumers. Due to the nature of jobs typically carried out (translation of marketing materials and technical documentation), the collection of personal data is normally limited to the names and contact details of the relevant client contacts. Any further personal data is neither collected nor stored.

Contribution by clients and potential clients to the protection of their data:
The focus of any data protection measures should be on prevention. Therefore, any company contacting me for the purposes of a price quote is asked to transmit only source texts which do not contain any personal data, and to add this data to the text themselves only after the finalised translation has been received.

Purpose and scope of data use and processing:
In my case, personal data is usually limited to contact details. This will only be used to process your enquiries and handle your orders, as well as to establish your creditworthiness (i.e. obtaining credit information, sharing the payment and business practices of individual clients among colleagues and via relevant forums, both before and after completion of the job). There will be no other disclosure of data; in particular, I never sell, publish or disseminate any of the addresses or other contact details I have received.

Non-disclosure of information:
I am obliged to observe the strictest confidentiality over any privileged information which comes to my knowledge in the context of enquiries or orders, and especially any such information contained in translations, and undertake to keep such information a professional secret. For details, please see the strict rules set out by my Translators’ Association the BDÜ: Code of professional conduct.

Data security during transmission and storage:
My website and its messaging functions are provided in an HTTPS format, which already provides a reasonable level of encryption. Nevertheless, inquiring parties are asked not to send any sensitive information openly by email, but to make sure they transmit it in a secure format.

 When contacting me via the website, reCAPTCHA is used (please see below). Emails are stored in the cloud by on behalf of our provider Jimdo (Jimdo GmbH, Data Protection, Stresemannstr. 375, 22761 Hamburg, Germany).

For data processing and storage in my office, technical and organisational protection measures such as password, firewall, the latest anti-virus protection, the encryption of storage media etc, are in place. 

Duration of data storage / deletion of client data:
From me as a quality translator, clients expect translations which are consistent. To achieve this, translations systematically and logically build on previous texts both in terms of style and terminology. To this end, it is necessary that all texts are retained for the entire time of the customer relationship. However, no duty upon me to retain any texts can be construed from this.

It is possible that client data is stored for a period that exceeds the duration of the customer relationship. This is the case for example where (a) the statutory retention period has not yet expired, or (b) if it is not clear to me whether or not the client still intends to send me any orders in future, or (c) there may still be a risk of liability for me in future, so that the order documentation and translation content are still required for purposes of legal defence and clarification of facts.

Hence, the time of actual destruction and/or deletion of client data is decided individually in each case, taking due account of the factors of data protection, statutory period of retention, client behaviour and liability risk.

Use of freelancers:
Whenever it is appropriate to make use of colleagues (i.e. other freelance translators) and/or subcontractors (such as native speakers for translations into languages other than German, translators of specialist fields or other subject experts), it is necessary to transmit client data to these persons. By sending me translation requests of this type, the inquiring party automatically consents to such transmission for the purpose of the price quote and further handling.

Rights of data subjects:
Among other rights, data subjects have a right to access and a right to rectification and erasure of their personal data pursuant to Art. 15, 16 and 17 GDPR. Eligible persons may contact me using the contact form or email (please see “Impressum”); their request will be dealt with as soon as possible.

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