Michael Staudinger MBA, Freelance Food Industry Translator for German – Expert Translations for Exporting Food and Drink Companies

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Technical translator specialising in the entire food supply chain, from primary production and food manufacturing to food retailing and hospitality, including food hygiene, HACCP and urban pest control.




Michael Staudinger BDÜ, MBA, Dipl.-Betriebswirt (FH), DipTrans IoL (English), DPSI, DipTrans IoLET (French). Member of the German Federal Association of Interpreters and Translators (BDÜ, Cologne). Freelance German translator – started off in Chichester/West Sussex as "Michael Staudinger Business Translations" in 1998.


Specialist translator for the entire food & drink supply chain, from agricultural / horticultural production through to the retail distribution and hotel/hospitality sectors, covering food manufacturing as well as the food hygiene sector with HACCP and pest control.


Trained with Germany's number 1 wholesale distributor of bakery ingredients. Studied at business schools in Germany, France and the UK (European Management, University of Brighton). 10 years experience abroad (UK, France etc). 30 years of work experience: 8 years mainly in the food ingredients industry (food wholesalers and food marketing agency as well as food processors), followed by 25 years as a freelance business / food industry translator.


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In-country translations by native speaker, with qualifications obtained in the UK as a translator and interpreter (please see "Profile"); comprehensive reference library, all translations proofread by my team, full insurance cover (AXA Cologne), continuous professional development (CPD).


I translate documents from English into German as well as French into German, and to a smaller extent also from German into English, German into French, English into French and French into English (texts for publishing in cooperation with native speakers).


Specialist fields: Management training, lean six sigma, quality manuals, environmental management systems, sustainability declarations, production planning, health & safety (H&S), food hygiene instructions, HACCP documentation, pest monitoring and pest control, integrated pest management (IPM), good manufacturing practice (GMP), audit reports, certification (BRC, IFS etc), incident management procedures, REACH, material safety data sheets (MSDS), food export, food packaging, food labelling, product specifications, supplier declarations, GMO declarations, logistics information, ingredient lists, complaints handling, food company websites, press releases, trade fair leaflets and brochures.


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Continuing Professional Development (CPD) / News:


CPD sessions with the FKLMH Food Hygiene Society (04/10/21, 30/10/21 and 01/11/21)
Participation in 3 online events on food hygiene and urban pest control.


CPD session on the new food standard IFS Food 7 (Hamburg, 26/08/21)
Participation in an online event with the title "IFS Food 7 compact: the most important changes" with Ms. Andrea Höfs of TÜV Rheinland, certification body, by Behr's Akademie, Hamburg.


Specialist literature, newly acquired in summer 2021 
Alcoholic drinks in English and French: Chapuis, Dictionnaire des vins, bières et spiritueux du monde - édition bilingue français-anglais (2005), cheesemaking in English and German: Kammerlehner, Cheese Technology (Freising-Weihenstephan, 2009), Kammerlehner, Käse-technologie (B&L Medien, Hilden, 2019).


CPD session on managing COVID-19 in food manufacturing (Hamburg 13/04/21)

Participation in an online event with the title "Corona virus: Effective measures for the food industry – rapid tests and vaccinations" with Prof. Dr. Nöhle, Behr's Akademie, Hamburg.


Specialist literature, newly acquired in spring 2021

Kunze, Technology Brewing and Malting (2004), Wang et al., High Throughput Analysis for Food Safety (2014).


International Conference on Urban Pests: ICUP Webinar (Barcelona, 09/03/21) 
Participation in an online conference on pest management with the following topcis: "House arthropods and their associated bacterial communities", "Spread of the house centipede Scutigera coleoptrata", "Gene-drive technologies for urban population engineering", "Reproductive seasonality and fertility of Norway rats" und "Controlling yellowjackets (i.e. wasps) in urban recreational areas".


New translation software in winter 2020 / 2021
Migration to the latest CAT ("Computer-aided translation") tool on the market, i.e. "SDL Trados Studio 2021" with "Multiterm" for translations with a consistent use of terminology.


Specialist literature, newly acquired in autumn 2020
New IFS Food standard (German, French and English language): IFS Food - Standard for assessing product and process compliance in relation to food safety and quality, Version 7 (2020).


CPD session on public services interpreting, Osnabrück (25/02/20)
Attendance at an information session covering the latest developments in the remuneration of public services interpreters.


Specialist literature, newly acquired in winter 2019 / 2020

Martín-Belloso & Soliva-Fortuny, Advances in Fresh-Cut Fruits and Vegetables Processing
(2011), milk processing in French and German: Jeantet et al, Génie des procédés appliqué à l'industrie laitière (2001), Märtlbauer et al, Milchkunde und Milchhygiene (Ulmer, Stuttgart-Hohenheim, 2016), confectionery manual in French: Deschamps, Le livre du pâtissier (2016).


Specialist literature, newly acquired in autumn 2019
Dairy technology, in German language: Weber, Mikrobiologie der Lebensmittel: Milch und Milchprodukte (Hamburg, 2006); in English language: Datta & Tomasula, Emerging Dairy Processing Technologies - Opportunities for the Dairy Industry (Wiley, Chichester / West Sussex, 2015);


Annual conference on food hygiene, Siek near Hamburg (14/09/19)

Attendance at the food hygiene conference with the following topics: From pest controller to hygiene consultant – changes in the pest control industry; Interfaces between food hygiene, public health and health & safety issues.


Specialist literature, newly acquired in summer 2019

Hall et al, Fish Processing Technology (London, 1997), Six Sigma Academy, The Black Belt Memory Jogger: A Pocket Guide for Six Sigma Success (2002), Edwards, The Science of Sugar Confectionery (Cambridge, 2000), Alexander, A Guide to Craft Brewing (Marlborough / Wiltsh, 2006), brewery technology manual in French: Sunier, La fabrication de la bière (2007).


Specialist literature, newly acquired in spring 2019

Kader et al, Postharvest Technology of Horticultural Crops (University of California, 2002), Stipanuk, Hospitality Facilities Management and Design (American Hotel & Lodging Assoc., 2006), food technology manual in French: Bauer et al, Science et technology des aliments -Principes de chimie des constituants et de technologie des procédés (Lausanne, 2010), dairy technology manual in French: Vouillemard, Science et technologie du lait (Laval University, Québec, Canada, 2018).


Journey abroad in spring 2019 

Trip to France and Belgium (1 week) in order to keep my French language skills up to date. 


Specialist literature, newly acquired in winter 2018 / 2019
Cousins / Lillicrap, Essential Food and Beverage Service (London, 2010), meat sector manuals in German and English: Brauer, Brühwurst-Technologie (2004), Brauer, Technology for Boiled Sausage Production (2010); Hartel et al, Confectionery Science and Technology (2018).


Specialist literature, newly acquired in autumn 2018

Meat industry manuals: Guerrero-Legarreta / Hui, Handbook of Poultry Science & Technology, Volume 1: Primary Processing (2010), Guerrero-Legarreta / Hui, Handbook of Poultry Science and Technology, Volume 2: Secondary Processing (2010), Davies-Labeck, Dictionary for the Meat Sector (2009).


20th anniversary of my freelance translation business (October 2018)
First established in 1998 in Chichester / West Sussex, UK, as "Michael Staudinger Business Translations" – exclusively specialising in translations for the food sector since 2010.


CPD session on the latest translation technologies (Osnabrück, 28/08/18)

Attendance at a training session giving an introduction into machine translation. This covered: operating principles of the different systems, opportunities and risks, possibilities and limits of the various technologies, and a discussion on the “post-editing” necessary to attain the requi-red level of quality. 


Journeys abroad in summer 2018

Trips to France (2 weeks in total) in order to keep my French language skills up to date. 


Specialist literature, newly acquired in summer 2018

Marshall et al, Ice Cream (New York, 2003), Blüml / Fischer, Manual of Filling Technology - Filling Liquid Products (2004), Bückle / Huber: Manual of Packing and Palletising Technology - State-of-the-art dry ends in theory and practice (2005).


Annual conference on food hygiene, Mühlhausen / Thuringia (21 – 22/04/18)

Attendance at the food hygiene conference with the following topics: hygiene training and infection control, quality assurance and pest control in food operations, the IFS Pest Control Guideline from an auditor's point of view, the auditing of food quality standards such as IFS and BRC, sustainability in pest management, documentation of the results of hygiene inspections using a mobile app


Specialist literature, newly acquired in spring 2018

Minni Jha, Modern Technology of Confectionery Industries with Formulae & Processes (2012),  Sams et al, Poultry Meat Processing (2001), Singh et al, Principles of Meat Technology (2015).


Specialist literature, newly acquired in winter 2017 / 2018

Garg et al, Laboratory Manual of Food Microbiology (2010, repr. 2017), Raj, Post Harvest Technology and Engineering (2012), Bhardwaj, Modern Techniques in Fish Handling and Processing (2011), Sehgal, A Laboratory Manual of Food Analysis (2016).


Specialist literature, newly acquired in autumn 2017

Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English (2015), Hill, Pests of Stored Foodstuffs and Their Control (2002), Paulsen et al, Game Meat Hygiene in Focus (2011), Hornsey, Brewing (2013).


Factory visit in the packaging materials industry, Lengerich (Westphalia) (02/09/17)
Tour of the premises (open day) at a major manufacturing plant for consumer packaging. The tour included film extrusion, cleanroom production of foodstuff packaging materials, manufacture and printing of stand-up pouches, etc.


Specialist literature, newly acquired in summer 2017

Stephen T. Beckett, The Science of Chocolate (The Royal Society of Chemistry, 2000), Novak et al, Microbial Safety of Minimally Processed Foods (2003), Irudayaraj et al, Food Processing Operations Modeling: Design and Analysis (2001), French-English dairy book: Répertoire général des aliments: Tome 2 – Produits laitiers (2002).


Journeys abroad spring / summer 2017

Various journeys to England and France (3 weeks in total) in order to keep up to date my knowledge of the English and the French language.


CPD sessions on data security and cloud computing, Osnabrück (25/04/17, 21/06/17)

Attendance at training sessions on data storage and data protection in the context of the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (Regulation (EU) 2016/679).


Annual Conference on Food Hygiene, Mühlhausen / Thuringia (21-23/04/17)
Attendance at the food hygiene conference with the following topics: data capture of quality inspections with mobile devices, food hygiene inspection visits of food facilities, use of the Clean Card as a quick test to check cleaning effectiveness, latest trends in the urban pest control industry.


Specialist literature, newly acquired in spring 2017
Pearson / Gillett, Processed Meats (Aspen Inc., 1999).


Specialist literature, newly acquired in winter 2016 / 2017

Gros / Yerle, Guide pratique de la vinification en rouge (Paris, 2009), Biremont, Technologie en boulangerie (2003), Green, The Butcher's Apprentice (2012), FAO, Animal Production and Health Manual: Good Practices for the Meat Industry (2004), Collins /Huey, Gracey's Meat Hygiene (2015).


Factory visit to a fruit processing plant, Hamburg, November 2016

Guided tour of an industrial plant for fresh fruit processing (prepackaged tropical and subtropical fresh-cut fruits) with preparation, processing and packaging of fruit in a high-hygiene area.


Specialist literature, newly acquired in autumn 2016

Branger et al, Alimentation et processus technologiques (Dijon 2007), Strecker, Total Productive Management - TPM in der Lebensmittelindustrie (2011), Bird, Understanding Wine Technology (2007).


Factory visit in the beverage industry, Lower Saxony, 17/09/16

Factory tour (open day) at a manufacturer of fruit juices with raw materials intake, juice extraction, tank storage, batch blending, filling machines, finished goods warehouse and dispatch area.


Factory visit to a wholesale bakery, Osnabrück, May 2016

Visit to a large-scale bakery with semi-automated production of croissants and other pastries. 


Training updates in March 2016

  • Guided tour of the production departments of a pasta factory in Baden-Württemberg (dry pasta and fresh pasta) including fully-automatic egg breaking.
  • Attendance at the Pest-Protect trade fair and symposium of the pest control industry in Stuttgart, with lectures focusing on the methods of bed bug control and a presentation of bed bug detection dogs. 
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