Specialist Translator for Food Production "From Farm to Fork" – the Entire Food Supply Chain

Spargelanbau  -  asparagus growing  -  production d'asperges
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Specialist Area of Agriculture, Horticulture and Fisheries


We supply technical translations along the entire food supply chain, from primary production right through to the final consumer ("from farm to fork" or "from the stable to the table"). In the subject area of primary production / food production we can cover the following areas of specialisation:


Plant production: Agriculture, arable farming including no-till farming / zero tillage (ZT), integrated farming (IF), organic agriculture, horticulture: greenhouse cultivation and outdoor vegetable growing, field vegetable production including contract growing of crops for industrial processing, permanent crops including wine growing (viticulture), fruit growing / orchards with their respective post-harvest procedures, seed cultivation and seed propagation, as well as forestry / sustainable forest management (SFM) / silviculture.


© Michael Staudinger
© Michael Staudinger


Animal production: Agricultural livestock farming / animal husbandry, free-range poultry production, dairy farming / milk production, pasture management, feedstuffs, forage crops, animal nutrition, compound feed production, beekeeping / apiculture and the fisheries sector: sustainable fishing, deep-sea fishing, commercial fishing vessels (trawlers, factory vessels, ....), fishing methods and fishing gear, including environmental topics such as the depletion of fish stocks due to overfishing, as well as pond farming / fishpond management, fish farming and aquaculture.


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Lebensmittelunternehmen - food company - entreprise alimentaire
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Michael Staudinger BDÜ

Dipl.-Betriebswirt (FH), MBA 

Fachübersetzer Food

Kienebrinkstr. 37

49525 Lengerich (Westf.) Germany / Allemagne


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Membre de la Société française des traducteurs (SFT), Paris :


Übersetzer Lebensmittel


Food translator

Traducteur agro-alimentaire

Domaine agroalimentaire
Food industry translator



Freelance translator
Food & drink translator
German translator specialising in beverages

Technical translator food
Specialist translator food

and food technology

Traducteur allemand

Traductions allemandes
Traduction agroalimentaire


Freiberuflicher Übersetzer

Traducteur indépendant


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