Freelance Translator Specialising in Hotels, Restaurants and Public-Sector Catering

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Expertise in Foodservice / Catering and Accommodation, including Chain Catering


Translation of hospitality-related topics for independent hotels, the hotel chain sector, companies in the area of chain catering, such as fast-food chains (quick service restaurants, QSR) or full- service restaurants (FSR), event and contract caterers, as well as professional publishers and other organisations in the tourism industry:


Food & beverage (F&B), storekeeping, commercial kitchens, catering management; catering systems in public-sector catering with a central kitchen, and finishing kitchens such as "cook-serve", "cook-hold", "cook-chill" or "cook-freeze"; kitchen hygiene, HACCP documents including HACCP concepts and HACCP training courses; the control of pests in a kitchen environment, food service systems such as self-service in a counter or free-flow service, food and beverage service methods, dishwashing systems; front office and reception, business organisation of hotels and hotel groups / international hotel brands, hotel management, hotel marketing, booking / reservation systems, sales training, front office and reception, hotel housekeeping including room cleaning and public area cleaning, self-audit checklists for internal quality assurance in hotel operations (brand standards of international hotel chains), hotel management training courses, and articles for trade journals of the hospitality industry.




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Lebensmittelunternehmen - food company - entreprise alimentaire
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Michael Staudinger BDÜ

Dipl.-Betriebswirt (FH), MBA 

Fachübersetzer Food

Kienebrinkstr. 37

49525 Lengerich (Westf.) Germany / Allemagne


Nur direkte Firmenkunden (keine Privatkunden, keine Agenturen)! 
Corporate clients only (B2B) - no translation agencies!
Offre B2B réservée aux entreprises !


Mitglied im Bundesverband der Dolmetscher und Übersetzer e.V. (BDÜ):

BDÜ-Mitglied / Übersetzungsdienstleister, Mitglied im BDÜ


Mitglied im Fachkreis Lebensmittelhygiene e.V. (FKLMH):

Mitglied im Fachkreis Lebensmittelhygiene e.V. mit Hygieneforum

Übersetzer Lebensmittel


Food translator

Traducteur agro-alimentaire

Domaine agroalimentaire
Food industry translator



Übersetzer Food-Branche

Freelance translator
Food & drink translator
German translator specialising in beverages

Technical translator food
Specialist translator food

and food technology

Traducteur allemand

Traductions allemandes
Traduction agroalimentaire


Freiberuflicher Übersetzer

Traducteur indépendant


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